Successful businesses are successful because they are »different« and adaptable, which is the base for their competitive advantage.
If an information system is supposed to support strategic goals of a successful business, it should be adaptable as well.

Understanding is the Key to a Solution

Our offer
Metodologies,   information   technologies  and  services which support following requirements:

• GDPR compliance,
• Data Modeling and development of Data Architectures,
• Data Governance,  Data Quality,

• Optimization and management of strategic Projects and company Portfolios,
• Enterprise Architecture development,
• Modeling and optimization of Business Processes and specifications of requirements for IS for optimal support of business needs,
• Development, integration and implementation of ICT applications
• Implementation of the highest standards for data access security.


• erwin is a worldwide leading tool for Data Modeling, Information architectures development and Data Governance support (including essential support for GDPR compliance projects).
• erwin enables transparent and consistent modeling on any level of details (from conceptual to physical), including Data Modeling for Data Warehouses (Dimensional modeling). 
• erwin has powerful functionalities for Reverse Engineering, generation of physical schemas for various Data Bases, comparison and harmonization of models and physical schemas as well as linkage with third party tools.

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In times of Digital Transformation when Business Systems need agile ICT solutions, demand for efficient methodologies and powerful tools is higher then ever.

A path from "understanding" to "knowing" is easier with experienced companion

Our Adventages

In-dept Knowlege

It is our in-depth knowledge of leading contemporary methodologies and our longstanding experience with a variety of different business domains that we combine into efficient and effective best practices.

Partnership & team work

In partnership and in teamwork with our customers we have successfully realized numerous projects. What we promise, we deliver!

ICT tools

We are collaborating with the leading enterprises in ICT industry and are using the best ICT tools.

"In theory there is no difference between theory and practice. But, in practice, there is."
(J. van de Snepscheut, 1953 - 1994)

If you are interested in any of the following domains of business and IS management: